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ANSS - Advanced National Seismic System


bullet ANSS-IMW Regional Advisory Committee

bullet ANSS-IMW Working Group (seismic network operators)

bullet ANSS-IMW Regional Update, January 15, 2009

bullet ANSS-IMW Regional Update, October 13, 2008

bullet ANSS-IMW Strategic Planning Meeting, August 14-15, 2006, Salt Lake City, Utah

bullet ANSS Regional Review--Intermountain West (IMW) Region, November 21, 2005
PowerPoint presentation by W. J. Arabasz to ANSS National Steering Committee

bullet ANSS Needs for the Intermountain West (IMW) Region, November 18, 2005

bullet Guideline for ANSS Seismic Monitoring of Engineered Civil Systems, Public Review Draft, March 2005

bullet Summary of ANSS Needs for Intermountain West (IMW) Region, November 9, 2004; revised November 16, 2004

bullet Outcome of Efforts to Persuade U.S. House Members to Sign "Dear Colleague" Letter Supporting Increased ANSS Appropriation for FY2005, May 25, 2004

bullet Opportunity to Support Increased ANSS Appropriation for FY2005, April 8, 2004

bullet FY2003 ANSS Implementation Plan for Intermountain West (IMW) Region, October 31, 2002

bullet FY2002 ANSS Activities in the Intermountain West Region, Walter J. Arabasz, October 11, 2002

bullet ANSS-IMW Information Update & FY2003 Planning, July 23, 2002.

bullet FY2003 Guidance for Development of [ANSS] Regional Implementation Plans, July 20, 2002.

bullet COSMOS Workshop on Strong-Motion Instrumentation of Buildings — Summary and Recommendations, July 2002

bullet ANSS Urban Strong-Motion Monitoring in Utah

bullet ANSS Urban Strong-Motion Monitoring in Nevada

bullet A vision for ANSS in Idaho, Stephen Weiser, April 2002

bullet FY2002 ANSS Implementation Plan for Intermountain West (IMW) Region, August 16, 2001

bullet Elements for FY 2002 ANSS-IMW Planning, June 7, 2001

bullet Summary of Informal Meeting for ANSS-IMW Region, March 28, 2001

bullet Summary of Organizational Workshop held June 19-20, 2000
prepared by John G. Anderson and Walter J. Arabasz

bullet ANSS Regions, Fuzzy Boundaries, and State Jurisdictions
Walter J. Arabasz, June 20, 2000

bullet Organizing an "Intermountain West" Region as Part of an Advanced National Seismic System
by Walter J. Arabasz and John G. Anderson
[Background as of May 25, 2000]

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Need more information? Contact:
Walter J. Arabasz
Regional Coordinator
University of Utah
(Phone: 801-581-7410)
Other information about ANSS:
Homepage for Advanced National Seismic System

Technical Guidelines for the Implementation of the ANSS

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