TIC Working Group on Evolutionary System Architecture (E)
July 2004-July 2005

This working group is responsible for defining an evolutionary path for transforming existing elements of ANSS into a functional nationwide system-with emphasis on steps that can be taken in the near term (1-3 years), based on realistic ANSS funding projections.

Current members of TIC Working Group E are:

    Walter Arabasz: University of Utah, NIC & TIC - Chair

    Glenn Biasi: University of Nevada, Reno & NIC

    Ray Buland: USGS Golden & NEIC

    Art Lerner-Lam: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory & IRIS

    Phil Maechling: University of Southern California & SCEC

    Tom Murray: USGS Anchorage, NIC & AVO

    David Oppenheimer: USGS Menlo Park, NIC & CISN

    Rick Schult: Air Force Research Lab, Hanscom AFB

    Tony Shakal: California Geol. Survey/Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program & CISN

    Mitch Withers: University of Memphis & NIC
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