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Earthquakes cannot be predicted!

In an ideal world, scientists would be able to accurately predict earthquakes with enough notice so that communities could prepare by spending money to reinforce important infrastructures (e.g. airports and freeways), ensure that everyone is home, not traveling, and out of dangerous buildings, ensure that businesses would have time to prepare and implement plans that will allow them to lose as little time as possible, and ensure that governments can work to reduce or eliminate any economic downturn that earthquakes usually cause.

However, scientists cannot determine when an earthquake might occur so that preparations can be made in an efficient and highly cost effective manner. Instead, advance preparation and commitment of resources before an earthquake occurs is the best way of dealing with the problems associated with living in earthquake country. There are many things that home owners, businesses, and schools can do to protect the people and economy of Utah in the event of an earthquake.


The Utah EPICenter- Utah Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management

(courtesy of Davis School District)

Twenty- Nine Things to Do in An Earthquake

72 Hour Kit


The Davis School District of Utah is a leader in Utah school preparedness for earthquakes and other disasters. Their web site is located at

and specifically for schools

Davis Schools Emergency Preparedness Plan

A classroom activity that student/teachers/and administrators can use to increase the safety of their schools is also available.

Hazard Hunt Classroom/School Activity


The Utah EPICenter- Utah Division of Comprehensive Emergency Management