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Data sources

  • Regions for the various networks are shown in this plot.

    People at the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS)

    The web pages you are viewing are the end result of the efforts of many individuals. At the UUSS in Salt Lake City, Utah, the process begins with the installation and operation of seismometers and associated telecommunications equipment throughout the state. The following individuals are currently responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of these instruments: Ken Whipp, Dave Drobeck, and Dewain Cluff.

    The computer software that detects the occurrence of earthquakes, locates their hypocenters, estimates their magnitude, and computes their focal mechanisms was developed by many scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey and at the University of Utah. Ali Moeinvaziri manages and maintains the computer systems at the UUSS.

    The seismologists who are on-call 24 hours/day to review the data from significant events are Sue Nava, Jim Pechmann, Walter Arabasz, and Bob Smith.

    Data analysis and data archiving are performed by Fabia Terra. Maintenance of web pages is performed by Fabia Terra and Sue Nava.

    Faults for the index map were provided by the Utah Geological Survey and by compilations by University of Utah students.

    People at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

    Andy Michael, U.S. Geological Survey wrote the programs to prepare the earthquake data. Doug Neuhauser and Steve Malone assisted with advice and examples in the construction of the catalog merging software. Bob Simpson - with lots of help and suggestions from Bill Ellsworth, Dave Oppenheimer, and Andy Michael - designed the base maps, links, and programs that update the web pages. Jim Luetgert designed and programmed the waveforms pages. In addition Carl Mortensen, Steve Malone, Lind Gee, Lucy Jones, Stan Silverman, Paul Reasenberg, sharp-eyed Lynn Dietz and many others offered valuable ideas and suggestions.

    The appearance of these pages was greatly improved with help and suggestions from Sara Boore. (She bears no responsibility for the remaining defects!) Paul Reasenberg helped select colors that would be distinguishable by color-blind viewers. Barbara Simpson offered advice on colors, and suggested ways to make the earthquake lists more readable.


    Maps are updated using the subroutine library gd written by Thomas Boutell, and the gd interpreter tgd written by Bradley K. Sherman. Program XV by John Bradley and xpaint by David Koblas were used extensively in the preparation of the basemaps. Many thanks to these gentlemen for their nifty programs!

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