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Known hazardous faults and fault zones shown on maps

The faults indicated in brown are from:
Hecker, S. (1993). Quaternary Tectonics of Utah with emphasis on Earthquake-Hazard Characterization, Utah Geological Survey Bulletin 127, p. 157.

Yellowstone faults are from:
Christiansen, R. L. (1993). The Quaternary and Pliocene Yellowstone volcanic field of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, U. S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 729-G, 237p.

Intermountain Seismic Belt faults are from:
Smith, R. B., and Arabasz, W. J. (1991). Seismicity of the Intermountain Seismic Belt, in Slemmons, D. B., Engdahl, E. R., Zoback, M. D., and Blackwell, D. D., editors, Neotectonics of North America, Geological Society of America, Decade Map Volume 1, p. 185-228.

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