Building Installation

This section discusses the installation of the Altus K2 Recorder in a building location.


Required Tools

1/4" masonry bit, 4" minimum length

3/8" masonry bit, 4" minimum length

7/8" or 1" wood bore/drill bit

7/16" deep well socket and wrench

Long nose pliers

#2 Philips head screwdriver

Hammer drill

Extension cord

Required Equipment

Laptop Computer W/Serial port

RS-232 cable to link to laptop


Required Supplies

Frame Relay Supplies

Spread Spectrum Radio Supplies

LAN Connection Supplies



Check the orientation of the building

Using the compass, check the north/south alignment of the building. If the building is aligned on a north/south axis you will be setting the instrument parallel to an interior wall with the connector end of the K2 facing north. If the building does not have a north/south alignment, see Instructions for Non-Aligned Buildings.

Moving now to the location were the instrument is to be installed, determine how best to place the instrument and protective enclosure (if used). Determine how power, the GPS antenna cable, and telemetry line will be coming into the enclosure. Mark and drill holes in the enclosure to allow these lines to enter the box.

Determine how the protective enclosure will be fastened to the ground. We often use a plywood enclosure and L-brackets fastened to the inside of the enclosure and the floor for this purpose.

GPS antenna and cable should be installed at this point. (See GPS Antenna Installation Instructions)


Placing the instrument

Place the protective enclosure on the pre-selected area ensuring there is adequate space for the K2 the power supply and cables to be connected.

Remove and set aside the cover of the K2.

Remove the battery and small red plug from the bottom of the K2.

Place the K2 inside of the enclosure with adequate space an all sides for cables and power supply and keeping the K2 aligned north.

Using a pencil or marker, mark the floor through the hole for the anchor bolt (center of the K2 where the plastic red plug was placed).

Mark the location on the floor where the enclosure anchor brackets sit.

Set aside the K2 and the plywood enclosure.

Using the 1/4" masonry bit, drill a hole in the concrete on the mark for the K2 anchor bolt.

Using the 3/8" masonry bit, drill two holes in the concrete one for each plywood enclosure anchor bracket.

Sweep away the debris from drilling.

Thread the nut onto the 1/4" anchor bolt so the top of the nut is flush with the top of the anchor bolt.

Place the anchor bolt into the 1/4" hole and tap lightly with hammer until 2" remain above level of concrete. (Warning: Too much force applied with the hammer will bend or destroy the threads of the bolt!)

Remove the nut from the bolt and inspect for damaged threads. If bolt is damaged it will be necessary to cut off the damaged bolt, re-drill, and insert another.

Place the 3/8" plastic anchors into the 3/8" holes, ensuring the seat is flush to the concrete surface. (Tap with hammer if necessary)

Replace the plywood enclosure so the brackets line up with the plastic anchors.

(Warning: It may be necessary to insert some of the lines (power, GPS and/or telemetry) into the holes prior to fastening to floor, depending on location)

Insert and tighten fasteners for plywood enclosure.

Place K2 over the anchor.

Place the washer with the rubber seal on the anchor bolt followed by the flat washer followed by the 7/16" nut.

Using the 7/16" deep well socket, turn the nut down to approximately 1/4" from bottom. Do not tighten.

Place the power supply into the enclosure. (It may be necessary to remove the lid of the power supply, as the enclosure may not allow the lid to be opened when inside.)

Attach the GPS antenna cable. If GPS antenna has not been installed see GPS Antenna Installation Instructions.

Attach the K2 DC power cable to the Power Supply.

Attach the K2 DC power cable to the K2.

Place the power strip into the enclosure and plug the strip into available power. Plug the power supply into the power strip.

Balance the accelerometer. See Instructions for Balancing the Accelerometer

Configure the K2. See instructions for K2 Configuration

Connect the telemetry.

Telemetry Instructions

Installing the telemetry. Click on the type of telemetry desired.

Frame Relay Instructions LAN Instructions Spread Spectrum Radio Instructions

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